Recess Guardians

Kids Play at Local Community Centre supported by Recess Guardians
Recess Guardians Non-profit for Saskatoon Kids

204-3337b 8th Street East
Saskatoon SK S7H4K1

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Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm

Community Impact

Recess Guardians is a free program that builds leadership abilities and encourages a healthy lifestyle. We help teach youth positive building blocks for their future in a fun, safe and educational environment. By working with over 350 schools across Saskatchewan, we have been able to provide youth with the foundation needed to become positive leaders of tomorrow.

Financial Breakdown

"Financial donations go right to the source of building youth up. Be that providing schools with our in-person leadership workshop, virtual programming, or distributing active8 kits, an equipment and games package, to schools and families in need. Every donation is carefully managed to ensure we can have the strongest impact on today’s youth. By properly measuring the outcome of each program, we can see its impact on a qualitative and quantitative scale.


We believe in empowering youth to lead through active play. Being given the proper tools and opportunity, youth can find great success in staying active while having fun. We are working to make playgrounds and homes safer by encouraging all youth to build friendships instead of fences; build relationships instead of boundaries. Recess Guardians is about creating a bold and imaginative world where everyone has someone who believes in them.

Programs & Services

Recess Guardians provides schools, teachers, and most importantly students, with easy to use tools that promote all students to participate and become “Guardians of Play”. Older students in the school are provided with leadership training and tools to successfully lead students in games, collaborative activities that engage all students, while promoting physical activity, fun and a positive school community

How You Can Help

Financial Gifts

Recess Guardians is program dedicated to empowering all youth across Saskatchewan to become strong leaders in their school and home. Your support gives us the ability to work with hundreds of schools.


What we urgently need

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What we always need

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Financial Gifts

Your donation impacts youth in Saskatoon today.

What we Never need

Due to Covid-19, our volunteer program is on hold. We look forward to working with volunteers again when it is safe to do so.

How To Donate


Visit us at 204-3337b 8th Street East, Saskatoon, SK

Arrange to have one of our staff members pick up the donation by calling us at


Visit our site to donate to keep Recess Guardians active in Saskatchewan schools HERE

Donate an active8 boxes for families in need this summer by clicking HERE

We also accept e-transfers at


We're very grateful for your support. If you'd like to mail us a cheque, please do so at this address:

204-3337b 8th Street East. Saskatoon SK, S7H4K1